Executives with high potential, senior management, project and program managers, future project managers, technicians and professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge in this discipline.


The overall aims of this module are: Value requirements of the client; Value Management is a pro-active, creative, team orientated exercise that maximises the functional value of a project by managing its development from concept to use by reference to the value requirements of the client; Value management and value engineering internationally, the use of teams and facilitation, the discovery and structuring of information and the client’s value system, functional analysis, creativity and evaluation methodologies; Theory of value management and value engineering to construction project briefing, evolving procurement strategies, supply chain management and partnering.


The main chapters in this module are:

1- Introduction to Value Management

2- Concepts of Value Management

3- Function Analysis

4- Client Value Systems

5- Project Value Systems

6- Value Chains

7- Value in Public Sector Procurement

8- Review of Best Value


When completed this module the students should be able to:

Understand the principles of facilitating a value management team in a workshop environment

Understand the concept of value and understand the principles of functional analysis

Discuss the application of value management techniques

Discuss the concept of value in briefing and concept design

Discuss the place of value in procurement, supply chain management and partnering

Discuss the importance of group decision support


The course is composed of a theoretical component, reinforced by a practical component using analysis exercises to consolidate the theoretical concepts learned.


The students in order to receive a certificate document regarding this training in Construction Management must have an average grade higher than 50% in all of the evaluation tests during the period of this formation. The students with Merit with average grades greater than 70% will receive a Distinction Certificate showing the high performance acquired during this training.


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