Safety and hygiene at work




Executives with high potential, senior management, project and program managers, future project managers, technicians and professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge in this discipline.


This course has a timeline of 540h, consisting of a theoretical-modular component for a total of 420 hours carried out totally at a distance learning, distributed by:

140h – Socio-cultural formation;

280h – Scientific-technological;


Espera-se que os formandos adquiram as seguintes competências durante este curso:  Usar as metodologias, as normas, a legislação, técnicas de planeamento, implementação e controlo para realizar a concepção, desenvolvimento e implementação do sistema de gestão  de SHST; Realizar auditorias, na forma individualizada aos sistemas de gestão de SHST; Elaborar projectos de avaliação de riscos profissionais; Avaliar as estratégias e modelos de negócio (indicadores de desempenho e de resultados; situação atual, situação desejável, ações necessárias).


The main modules of this course are:

Módulo 1- SHST legal framework; SHST laws, rules and regulations

Módulo 2- Psychosociology of Work

Módulo 3- Organization and Management of SHST

Módulo 4- Occupational hazards, assessment and control measures

Módulo 5- Ergonomics at work

Módulo 6- Hygiene and health at work

Módulo 7- Safety at work

Módulo 8- Management and design of training

Módulo 9- Training, information and communication


There is no virtual pedagogical model for e-learning teaching actions. The course follows a model, not an organization that defines the objectives, contents, learning paths and means and methods of evaluation. This model includes an installation of wireless communication channels, between servers and trainees, and between these and the trainers, channels integrated in the Moodle platform. The form of work to follow:

1- The individual reading of the contents made available or of others on the same themes obtained by the trainees and reflection on them,

2- The sharing of reflection and study together, in forums organized by the trainers,

3- The clarification of doubts about moderate forums for trainers

4- The implementation of the proposed activities


This course qualifies and qualifies those who pretend to practice a profession of:

1- Higher Occupational Safety Technicians, in which the main activities are: implementation of safety and risk prevention policies, development of professional risk assessment processes, design of prevention and protection measures,

2- SHT Coordinators

4- SHT Supervisors

5- Oficiais de SHT

6- Auditors

7- SHT Management System Consultants


1- It presents a curricular program that is intended for the participants, the training and the preparation, for the demands of the changes and challenges that perspective,

2- Training and development of skills increasingly sought in the Mozambican market,

3- Professional expertise with quality in normative international standards on SHST (OHSAS 18001, ISO),

4- Flexibility of study time,

5- A body of renowned trainers formed by qualified teachers and experts in the field

6- Interaction with other professionals from different areas of activities

7- Professional internship in a real working environment


PM007PT » Duration: 5 months » cost: 37.500 MTN

Inscrição e Dados de pagamento

To enroll in the course, you must pay the course fee and send us an email to [email protected] , with your data and the proof of payment. After your payment has been validated, we’ll send your access data to our e-learning platform .