Construction Management




Executives with high potential, senior management, project and program managers, future project managers, technicians and professionals who wish to acquire new knowledge in this discipline.


The overall aims of this module are: Develop Develop an understanding of the composition of the built and natural environment and how these impact on society, industry and commerce; Recognise the roles and responsibilities of the various professionals operating within the built and natural environment and the inter-action between them; Develop an awareness of the wider economic and financial worlds and the implications for the built and natural environment; Develop an identity within your chosen discipline and to recognise the importance of an ethical and professional approach in accordance with the codes of practice and rules of conduct of the relevant professional Body; Develop your personal and interpersonal skills including development of self-awareness of ability aptitude and character and self-confidence; Develop learning skills including time management and work discipline; Understand team working, personal relationships and authority.


The main chapters in this module are:

1- Management Theory

2- Managing Human Resources

3- People, Leadership and Culture

4- Teams and Cultures Influence

5- Power, Authority and Responsibility in the Workplace

6- Communicating Across Boundaries

7- Change and Management Drivers

8- Project Closure


When completed this module the students should be able to:

Evaluate contemporary management concepts in relation to national and international construction enterprise.

Critically appraise the basic power bases within construction enterprises.

Evaluate the impact of culture on Construction enterprises and project structures and appraise the management of subcontractors and trade contractors.

Discuss the interaction between leadership, motivation and production in Construction enterprises.

Discuss the role and influence of teams in construction enterprises and the relationship between design and production.

Evaluate the process of inventory management in the construction industry and discuss the management of information in construction projects.


The course is composed of a theoretical component, reinforced by a practical component using analysis exercises to consolidate the theoretical concepts learned.


The students in order to receive a certificate document regarding this training in Construction Management must have an average grade higher than 50% in all of the evaluation tests during the period of this formation. The students with Merit with average grades greater than 70% will receive a Distinction Certificate showing the high performance acquired during this training.


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