Published by João Martins at CIPEM CONSULTING on Friday, 02 June 2017

In the recent years, we have faced changes in our lifestyles regarding the usage of new technologies empowered by internet and how easily the information run in our lives. Everyone knows the power and threats of this communication channel, which should be used with extremely care due to the manipulation of the worldwide information. But here, I will focus on how internet is revolutionising the Educational Systems and what we could expect in a few years from now.


E-learning is an educational system which takes usages of course management systems to deliver the highest educational standards to the worldwide users using the most professionals experts in the sector. In a conventional educational system, we could not find this exchange of knowledge from the top level to the regular people, indeed this brought new opportunities to those who could not engage in a foreign full-time degree. For that, this method use modulars object oriented dynamic learning environments to complete its purpose. We are living in a Globalised World with higher level of competition, and certainly there are no jobs for lives like those in other times of history. We have to develop ourselves, learn, update our knowledge about different subjects/disciplines, because our jobs requires the maximum production rates in a short period of time. We must be prepared, resilient and flexible to respond as fast as possible. Indeed, this learning engagement system is prepared to provide you all the tools you need to increase your background, learn with different others, interact with other minds but at your own rhythm itself. Also, developing countries are taking advantage of this powerful tool and are receiving opportunities from different International schools that can give them major educational standards, more strict practices and methodic procedures, which will enforce to change mentalities, ensure that students are there to learn and not to just move on to another academic year, they feel the need to fight each day for more perfection rather than conquer a diploma. If we change this mentality we can empower our professional workforce, reduce foreign services, reduce cost, and increase performance in our business market while strengthening our economical and monetary system.


In few years from now, I can imagine an educational system spread worldwide, providing educational programs to unprivileged communities, which will have in that period of time one opportunity to change and grow as other Human being. For now, I can list a few advantages of using e-learning platforms in the educational system, which I had already the opportunity to test and use in my life:

(1) Flexible timescale; (2) Access to international tutors with many years of experience of in the business; (3) Opportunity to expand your networking; (4) Possibility to study anytime and anywhere; (5) Do not need to travel to your university or training center; (6) You can put in practice immediately as you are working; (7) Suitable for shy people who do not feel comfortable to express themselves in a class.

Unfortunately there is not only highlights in using this tool as a channel to unlock yourself with knowledge of excellence, then some adverse circumstances can be listed bellow:

(1) Universities can sell a service that they are not qualified to do; (2) People’s reluctance to face change.


What has changed in my life by knowing and experience this kind of learning?

After using this type of educational system, I surrendered to how easy is to engage with the tutors and colleagues. For those who can think that a convencional system is easy to learn since we can study in groups within the colleagues of your class, I can say that I experience both in a space of 2 years. I made friends, I study in groups using other communication applications like WhatsApp, skype, conference meetings, webinars, and at the end I can loudly say that e-learning is a better way to develop your professional career with specialised training programs while working at the same time.


Why not give a chance? Try and find out for yourself the advantages of this tool and you will realize the opportunities that can be open!