Unlock yourself with knowledge

Our business is marked by the culture of entrepreneurship, innovation to reach new horizons and research for higher level of knowledge.
CIPEM is a new consultancy enterprise operating in Mozambique with international experience in Project Management, Civil Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Specialised training and Coaching. We believe in the professional workforce and enterprises operating in Mozambique. Indeed, a small push from a specialised team could make the difference to increase the outcome while qualifying your team with more technical knowledge in a specific area of interest. CIPEM was created to provide services to the Oil & Gas industry and Construction sector, developing your team with specialised training programs, proposing new solutions, new company policies, optimising operational processes, coaching and team building, improving communication, implement processes to control the output quality and increase the performance of our clients. This variety of knowledge when integrated within our client’s organisational structure, will reduce operational and overhead costs. For additional information please download our portfolium.

Message from our Managing Director

A perfect engagement for the success is based on knowledge aligned with attitude, perseverance and persistency.

At CIPEM you will develop yourself and your team, increasing the understanding of different disciplines to be prepared to face any difficulty in your career or business. Invest in yourself and take a next step to your future, leaving your comfort zone and face new challenges, overcome any change in your life with flexibility and resilience to grow as a professional and as a person.

At CIPEM, we guide you in your career paths and with a great team of experience professionals we will unlock your great potential and provide you all you need to reach your professional goals.

We believe in Mozambican companies and their workforce and we are willing to provide all our strengths to help you to achieve your milestones and overcome any difficulty in your business sector. In the next years, huge Mega-projects will start in Mozambique so make sure you are ready and do not waste this opportunity. It is never late to change your attitude and come to the right path, however if you do not know how to do it, let us support you.”


Our mission is to endow developing countries with management and technical skills to empower SME’s and local professionals to grow and become more qualified in order to contribute to the development of the national market.


Our vision is to become a leader in specialised training programs of oil & gas, construction and project management in the Sub-Saharan countries through a high educational quality standards and competitive prices.


  • Trust, respect and integrity
  • Highly standards of quality in our services
  • Satisfaction of our clients
  • Transmission of knowledge
  • Skills improvement
  • Entrepreneurship


The partnerships established between CIPEM and Mozambican local companies intends to fortify the roots of the business in areas of specialised training programs to help the Mozambican professional development , and at the same time be able to provide to its clients complete solutions covering the know-how in coaching, personal and team development. For a better approach, check out our partners for our project.